Patient Testimonials

My compound cream is working great! Before trying this cream, my doctor thought it might be a possibility that I would have to have surgery again on my elbow. Using this cream for the last 6 weeks, my pain and inflammation is gone! Thank you so much for this compound!

 Shondreka F. 


Dear Solutions Rx,

Thank you for the prescription for my wrist and arm. It definitely made a difference in the amount of pain I’ve experienced.


          Toni M. 


“I have chronic knee problems including: loss of cartilage, arthritis, and tendonitis. Typically the loss of cartilage is what causes issues but is effectively treated with gel injections. However, my knees would ache after a lot of activity. My physician prescribed a pain cream to help with the ache, but the ache typically goes away on its own especially overnight making it difficult to determine the effectiveness of the cream.

Recently, I had a major flare up of arthritis and tendonitis that was so painful it would wake me up at night. If I sat for more than 30 minutes, it was very painful to stand, and after standing, I would have to wait a few seconds before my left knee was flexible enough for me to walk.

I saw my doctor, and he told me to use the pain cream 3x a day, not just occasionally. I did so and the results were amazing. Within 30 minutes of the first application, the pain was noticeably better though still there. Each day seemed better than the one before, and after about a week, I woke up in the morning with no pain at all in my knees. That day, some pain did come back, but it was minor compared to one week earlier. I could easily get up after sitting for long periods at work.

I was going to have my knee scoped, but I now consider the low level of pain I have to be an inconvenience not a situation requiring drastic treatment. If the cream had not worked, I would have had to do something about the pain because I would not want to take narcotic pain medicine for any length of time.”

  —Frank J.   

I want to praise the results of the topical cream. I have arthritis all over my body. I had to come off my main medication due to my kidneys. This is just a miracle for me.

Elbert C.

I have Fibromyalgia and have side effects to most medications. The topical cream I can apply locally and it gives me the relief I need to do my house work.

—Patricia C.

“Thanks so much. It’s the first time I’ve been ‘hurt’ free since I messed up my arm, wrist, and hand.”

—Toni K.

“I thank you. My meds really helped me to be able to go to work. I love it because it is not stinky or greasy. Great job!”

-Mildred D. 

“This pain cream has really helped. Thank you!”

-C. A. 

“Exceptional service and staff!”

-Sheree M.

“Thank you all for taking care of me! All of you have wonderful customer service!”

-Lisa B.