Nasal Gel

Nasal mucosa has been considered as a potential administration route to achieve faster and higher levels of drug absorption. This is because the nasal mucosa is permeable to more compounds than the gastrointestinal tract due to lack of pancreatic and gastric enzymatic activity, neutral pH of the nasal mucus and less dilution by gastrointestinal contents

Solutions Rx Pharmacy can combine a variety of antibiotics, antifungals and steroids into a hydrophilic gel. Upon its placement into the paranasal sinuses, it forms a mucoadherent film, resistant to erosion, which remains in contact with the respiratory epithelium. The prolonged attachment of the polymer matrix to the diseased mucosa, facilitates effective drug release onto the pharmacological target and negates the mucociliary clearance of the therapeutic agents chosen. Patients are advised to refrain from sinus rinsing or drug nasal nebulization for the next 24 hours subsequently to gel placement.