Ear Therapy

How to use the Insufflator Bulb with your Compounded Gelcaps

Our pharmacy has compounded gelcaps containing antibiotics (anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal) and even steroids (usually hydrocortisone) as ordered by your physician. Below is the instructions on how to use your gelcaps with the insufflator bulb.

First remove the tip of the insufflator bulb.

Then open up the gelcap such that the powder is all in one side of the capsule and insert the filled side into the insufflator tip compartent.

*We recommend inserting the round, closed end of the capsule first to prevent loss of powder.



Then replace the bulb tip.


During an active infection, the powder is “puffed” into the ear twice a day. Once back to normal, one puff weekly prevents the ear from becoming infected again. This method eliminates adding more “moisture” to the ear (as when happens when using antibiotic ear drops) as the powder not only addresses the infection, but the drainage itself becomes a medium for the antibiotic powder to do its thing.

Store unused capsules in the refrigerator until time of administration. It is not necessary to refrigerate insufflator.