Wound Care

Solutions Rx Pharmacy offers custom compounding solutions to patients with hard-to-heal wounds.

Some wounds, like pressure sores, are difficult to heal. Others, such as burns or ulcers, might suffer tissue disruption or infection when cleaned or treated with traditional medicines. Wound compounding involves several approaches and medications applied topically.

Solutions Rx Pharmacy offers many combinations of high quality antibiotics, antifungals, steroids and other ingredients to reduce pain, stimulate new tissue, increase blood flow and soothe the affected area. By combining medications we can achieve better healing.

Our unique gel base is water soluble, yet still adheres to the wound. This allows for minimal contact with the wound and helps prevent aggravation and/or irritation when cleaning or debriding the wound.

Topical application is advantageous in that it offers minimal systemic absorption. This decreases the risk of adverse effects and the potential drug-drug interactions associated with systemic medications, which can result in significantly improved healing.

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